About us

It started as a desire to capture the spirit of traditional architecture using materials that were locally available and low cost, even while promoting traditional building crafts. Our early projects had a very Baker like approach, building what we designed in an almost turnkey way, using bricks and filler slabs. This quickly morphed into using the local exposed laterite random rubble walls, broken stone floors and china mosaic tiling that became synonymous with our early work.
As we moved beyond Goa, the extended palette of materials and  building crafts created new expressions in our architecture where context guided the design beyond style. India offers varied climatic zones, dry or humid, hot or cold, along with unique cultural backgrounds that allowed us insights into problems and always potential for a fresh innovative approach.
Client participation, attention to detail, sensitivity to the environment, innovation and team spirit in construction are intrinsic to our design process and are the reason for our success.
We enjoy projects that respond to environmental concerns, promote local crafts, allow innovation and embed social value. We welcome clients who feel the same way, with whose participation we can create the next masterpiece.